10 website awards every agency should know about

Published on
March 23, 2024
10 website awards every agency should know about

Discover the best web design award platforms to showcase your creativity and gain industry recognition. Learn how winning can boost your credibility, enhance your portfolio, and grow your digital business.

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Web Design awards now serve as a mark of excellence in the digital world, offering immediate legitimacy, visibility online, and a distinguished status that sets individuals and entities apart. For freelancers, studios, and agencies, establishing a prominent identity is critical.

Achieving fame online becomes simpler with website design awards, which are a powerful way to display talent, exhibit creative breadth, help domain strength, and highlight unique capabilities.

Below are ten esteemed website design award platforms that can help achieve this and more.

Top 10 Website Design Award Platforms

One Page Love

One Page Love shines as the premier platform for showcasing single-page websites, templates, and resources. It combines a "site of the day" feature with an extensive collection of one-page website designs. Submissions are welcome if they meet Rob’s standards, with no charge for submission and a $20 fee upon acceptance.

Submit to One Page Love (paid upon acceptance, $20)


Siteinspire, a "website of the day" platform curated by Howells Studio in London, presents the best in web and interactive design. It is known for its clean, simple designs, with over 7,500 sites showcased to date. Open to all who register, it's a go-to for unique design submissions.

Submit to Siteinspire (free, signup required)

Web Design Awards

Joining the ranks of prestigious online recognition platforms is Web Design Awards, distinguished as one of the leading web awards websites in the industry. Celebrated for spotlighting websites that excel in both user experience (UX) and animation, Web Design Awards sets the stage for unparalleled digital craftsmanship.

For professionals eager to demonstrate their prowess in creating engaging, dynamic user experiences, submitting to Web Design Awards provides a golden opportunity to showcase their work among the best of the best.

Submit to Web Design Awards (Free or pay for fast nomination $6.99)


The FWA focuses on innovation and avant-garde creativity in digital projects, including websites, apps, and even VR/AR installations. With an international panel of 500 judges, The FWA offers daily and monthly awards, along with annual People's Choice and FWA of the Year awards.

Submit to the FWA (paid for £70.50 GBP)


Recognized for drawing over 2 million monthly visitors, Awwwards is a leading platform for digital creative agencies and freelancers to gain recognition. It features an array of categories and allows winners to display an Awwwards badge on their site.

Submit to Awwwards (paid for $65 submission or $165 yearly for three submissions)

CSS Design Awards

Since its inception in 2010, the CSS Design Awards has become a coveted platform for web design and UX/UI professionals. It awards outstanding websites and digital projects with categories like Website of the Day, Month, and Year.

Submit to CSS Design Awards (paid for $50 per site)

CSS Winner

Targeting HTML and CSS projects specifically, CSS Winner offers a cost-effective entry point for gaining recognition, with submissions priced at $9. It celebrates daily and monthly design achievements and showcases nominees and stars on its platform.

Submit to CSS Winner (paid for $9)

Clio Awards

The Clio Awards, established in 1959, recognize pioneering work in advertising, including website and digital design. Open to creative agencies worldwide, it's a prestigious platform for showcasing digital creativity.

Submit to the Clio Awards (paid starting at $525)

Webby Awards

The Webby Awards, celebrating internet excellence since 1997, invite submissions across a wide range of digital projects. Recognized globally, it's a platform for showcasing top-tier digital work.

Submit to the Webby Awards

Shorty Awards (UX/UI)

Originally focused on social media, the Shorty Awards have expanded to include UX/UI design among their categories. Open to agencies, brands, and nonprofits, it's a unique venue for digital design recognition.

Submit to the Shorty Awards (paid starting at $399 or $299 for a non-profit)

Web Awards Grow and Validate Your Online Brand

In the digital era, where competition is fierce and standing out is essential, winning web design awards goes beyond mere recognition—it's a strategic move to validate your expertise, elevate your brand, and expand your web presence. These awards serve as a testament to your commitment to excellence, innovation, and user experience, offering a significant boost to your credibility in the eyes of potential clients and partners. By showcasing your awarded projects, you not only highlight your creative capabilities but also demonstrate your ability to meet and exceed industry standards. This can lead to increased visibility, attract new business opportunities, and foster trust within your target audience. In essence, engaging with these web design award platforms is not just about winning; it's about setting your business apart, driving growth, and shaping the future of your digital footprint. Let these platforms be your launching pad to not only showcase your talent but to also ignite your journey towards becoming a leader in the digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are web design awards important for my business?

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Winning web design awards validates your expertise and creativity, setting your business apart in a crowded digital landscape. It enhances your credibility, attracts potential clients, and can significantly boost your brand's visibility.

How can I submit my work to web design award platforms?

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Submission processes vary by platform. Generally, you'll need to register on the award website, fill out a detailed submission form about your project, and provide a link to your website. Some platforms may require a submission fee, while others are free but might charge upon acceptance.

What criteria do judges look for in award-winning web designs?

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Judges typically evaluate submissions based on creativity, usability, navigation, content, functionality, visual design, and innovation in technology. Exceptional user experience (UX) and engaging animations are often key factors in standing out.

Can freelancers and small studios compete with larger agencies on these platforms?

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Absolutely. Many web design award platforms are inclusive, recognizing talent and innovation over company size. Freelancers and small studios often win awards by showcasing unique designs and exceptional creativity.

How can winning a web design award benefit my web presence?

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Winning a web design award can significantly enhance your web presence by providing a seal of excellence for your work. It boosts SEO, attracts high-quality traffic, increases trust among your audience, and can lead to higher conversion rates. Additionally, it offers networking opportunities with industry leaders and potential clients.

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