Behind the Scenes: The Judging Process of Our Web Design Awards

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September 16, 2023
Behind the Scenes: The Judging Process of Our Web Design Awards

Get an insider's look into the meticulous judging process of our Web Design Awards. From initial screening to core evaluation criteria, find out how we recognize and celebrate excellence in web design.

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The world of web design has expanded exponentially over the past few years. From stunning layouts to intricate functionalities, a well-designed website has become an essential asset for any successful business. But how do we recognize excellence in web design? Our Web Design Awards serve this purpose, providing a platform for designers to showcase their talents and win recognition in the industry. In this article, we're pulling back the curtain to give you a sneak peek into the intricate judging process that sets our awards apart.

Initial Screening

Technical Merit

Before we dive into the aesthetics or user experience, the first line of assessment is technical merit. We use various tools to scan for things like load time, accessibility, and mobile responsiveness. A poorly optimized website, no matter how beautiful, could be eliminated in this first round.


We also ensure that websites submitted adhere to the guidelines and rules of the competition, including ownership, publication date, and other specifics. Websites found to be in violation of these standards are disqualified.

The Judging Panel

Our judging panel is composed of a diverse group of professionals, ranging from experienced web designers and developers to digital marketers and UI/UX experts. This multiplicity of perspectives ensures a balanced evaluation that takes into account all crucial aspects of web design.

Core Criteria

Visual Impact

The initial impression is crucial. Websites that grab attention through innovative design, cohesive color schemes, and impactful visuals score high in this category.

Functionality and Navigation

Our panelists don’t just look at the surface. They dig deep into the site's structure, evaluating how easy it is to navigate and how well it accomplishes its intended purpose.

Content Relevance

Good design is not just about form; it’s also about function. Sites need to provide valuable, relevant content to their users. This is analyzed rigorously to ensure that the design serves the content, rather than overshadowing it.

Creativity and Originality

While it’s often easier to follow trends, we highly value original and innovative design. Points are awarded for unique features and solutions that set a website apart from the rest.

User Experience

From the intuitiveness of the design to the emotional impact it has on visitors, the overall user experience is weighed carefully in the judging process.


In a world that is increasingly digital, it’s crucial that websites are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Accessibility is not an afterthought but a core criterion in our evaluation.

Scoring System

Each criterion is assigned a score, typically on a scale of 1 to 10. The scores from each judge are then averaged for each criterion for every submission. These average scores are then summed to form a total score for each website.

Feedback Loop

Not only do entrants receive their scores, but they also get valuable feedback from the judges. This feedback can provide insights that are instrumental for designers and developers in enhancing their future work.


The judging process of our Web Design Awards is designed to be as comprehensive, impartial, and rigorous as possible. It is not just about determining winners; it’s also about setting industry standards and inspiring a whole new generation of web designers. We believe that behind every great website is a brilliant mind, and through our meticulous judging process, we aim to celebrate this marriage of creativity and technology.

So the next time you marvel at a website that won one of our awards, you'll know just how much scrutiny and thought has gone into that accolade. Happy designing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Web Design Awards?

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The Web Design Awards serve the purpose of providing a platform for web designers to showcase their talents and gain recognition in the industry. They aim to recognize excellence in web design and set industry standards.

How is the judging process for the Web Design Awards structured?

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The judging process consists of several stages: initial screening, compliance and the judging panel.

Who makes up the judging panel for the Web Design Awards?

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The judging panel comprises a diverse group of professionals, including experienced web designers, developers, digital marketers, and UI/UX experts. This diverse perspective ensures a balanced evaluation.

How are websites evaluated in the Web Design Awards judging process?

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Websites are evaluated based on core criteria, creativity, user experience, content, and animation. Each criterion is scored on a scale of 1 to 10 by judges, and the average scores are summed to form a total score for each website.

Do entrants receive feedback on their submissions in the Web Design Awards?

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The entrants will receive the scores based on the 3 core criteria.

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